CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2020 Patented Design, Multifunctional New Species Series — “Custom 2 in 1 Shearling Coat with Hood”

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2020 Patented Design, Multifunctional New Species Series — “Custom 2 in 1 Shearling Coat with Hood” officially being sold both online and offline synchronously around the world; the joint masterpiece of standard, valuable, ecological, sharing CWMALLS and patented, technological, artistic, intelligent CWMALLS COMMODITY represents an epoch-making beginning; unique patented designs and extraordinary functions make “Custom 2 in 1 Shearling Coat with Hood” really become the protagonist of 2020 autumn/winter; whether you go skiing or holiday in the alps, or go on a business trip, travel in the great lakes region of North America, it can bring you extraordinary sensory experience and artistic enjoyment! This is the joint supervision and recommendation by CWMALLS Global Networked Big Data Sharing Lab, CWMALLS Global Clouding Model Patent Review Committee, CWMALLS Global Clouding Scene New Species Workshop, which represents quality, safety, standard, efficiency and value; welcome friends and partners in the world to appreciate and experience it actively on the mobile terminal! There will be surprises at any time!

“Custom 2 in 1 Shearling Coat with Hood” is the example of world-class united innovation, united design and united manufacture; the powerful combination of France, Italy, Turkey, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, United States, China, Japan and other countries and regions and cooperation with the world’s top four fur companies (SAGA FURS, NAFA, American Legend, COPENHAGEN GUR) add genetic elements of Made in Internet & Made in World to every “Custom 2 in 1 Shearling Coat with Hood” (; the widespread use of modern science and technology like nanotechnology, laser technology, graphene technology, organic chemical technique also makes the pure natural, original ecological calfskin, goat skin, sheepskin, cotton, linen, wool, silk, down become the protagonists of fashion elements; personalized services like DIY(Do It Yourself) service, Custom Made, Personal Tailor services also bring you more free, perfect, exclusive VIP services! Therefore, CWMALLS R&D team, product team, operation team and management team carry out horizontal integration and vertical excavation activities on a global scale with the third party partners, all these aim to bring more surprises and value to every “Custom 2 in 1 Shearling Coat with Hood”! The certification of Community Design Patent of European Union and multifunction of constant temperature, constant humidity, explosion-proof, anti-wrinkle, skin-friendly, light and soft, breathable, windproof, rainproof, ultraviolet-proof, easy-care also bring more freedom to your quality and wonderful life; welcome more fashion icons, web celebrities, opinion leaders, singers, film stars, industry elites, fans, old and new clients, customers to interact, exchange and share with others via social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Snapchat and so on; this is the “Twenty-six to the N” project, abbreviated “26N” project, also the implementation of “Skyline” project and “Raindrops” plan! Thank you! Its excellence is just your excellence! You deserve to own it!

In order to deal with the abnormal weather that may occur in the winter of 2020; today, CWMALLS team wrote an open letter to WMO with the following content:
Hello WMO! Friendly tips for extreme situations that may occur in the winter of 2020!
① In response to the series of effects brought by the “Coronavirus”, what should be done if extremely cold weather occurs in the winter of 2020 and how to effectively prevent it?
②In response to the inertial behavior brought by “global warming”, how to take precautions in an emergency?
③How can supplies and products be effectively coordinated in emergencies due to the integration of global trade and economy?
④ “Relying on weather to survive” is the core of man and nature. How WMO to be this “beacon” which is “signal light” type?
⑤The initial mistakes that WHO dealt with of the “Coronavirus” cannot let WMO happen again! It is a duty and a mission!
Finally, I would like to remind again that there is really a possibility of extremely cold weather in the winter of 2020. Although we believe in science, we must respect nature. No one can fight against nature! Only active defense is the only way out!
Remarks: personal opinions and suggestions, please pay attention!
Thank you!

Tips: According to the prediction of CWMALLS Weather, due to the influence of Coronavirus, 2020 winter of Northern Hemisphere (especially in North American region and European region) will be much colder than previous years, the situation in the movie The Day After Tomorrow might happen, hope everyone (especially the middle-aged and elderly people with diseases like cardiovascular disease, arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, etc., and friends who live in cold areas, high altitude areas and extremely cold areas) to prepare for keeping out the cold! Please pay attention to the CWMALLS patented products series; consumers, distributors, live broadcasters, opinion leaders and other partners in Europe region, North America region, Asia Pacific region, please pay attention to CWMALLS NEWS! Scientific and reasonable prevention makes life become easier and more wonderful!

Note: In order to cope with the possible arrival of the “The Little Ice Age” in 2020, from now on, free online try-on activity of CWMALLS 2 in 1 patented products will be held in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami of the United States and Montreal, Toronto of Canada! Please pay attention and participate! Meanwhile, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY officially provide free custom made, personal tailor, global free shipping, global off-site delivery, no-reason return or exchange, lifelong free maintenance and other services to worldwide old and new clients, customers for “CWMALLS® 2 in 1 Fur Leather Coat”, “CWMALLS® Hooded Fur Coat”, “CWMALLS® Raccoon Fur Leather Coat” series products, welcome everyone to appreciate and experience them actively! If there are any questions, opinions or advice, please feel free to contact us online via LiveChat, our professional online customer service will give you a satisfying reply in first time! Thank you! In 2020 we insist on innovation, in 2020 we fully implement, in 2020 we rise abruptly based on our accumulated strength! (We will see you in Nasdaq.)

“Cutting-edge School” “Innovative School” “Powerful School” — SVENEWS, CWMALLS, MWE FUND
“Custom 2 in 1 Shearling Coat with Hood” — endorsement of the patented design and custom made service!

CWMALLS JADE SEAL: CWMALLS people always maintain the absolute loyalty to dreams and missions, and always keep the absolute execution of targets and plans! Ruled by the grace of God, there must be great achievements — CWMALLS People

CWMALLS: CWMALLS builds the community with shared future for mankind.





July 31, 2020

2020 CWMALLS: Standard, Sharing,Ecology, Value;
2020 CWMALLS COMMODITY: Patent, Technology, Art, Intelligence;
2020 CWMALLS NEW SPECIES: Keen, Aggressive, Personality, Value;
2020 MWE FUND: Charity, Public Welfare, Responsibility;

Tips: More wonderful contents, please pay attention to “Instagram: @cwmalls “. From now on, WWW.CWMALLS.COM officially provides Custom Made Leather Jackets Series, Made to Order Leather Shoes Series, ODM Leather Bags Series around the world; whether for men’s style or women’s style, Whether it is Haute Couture, or prop clothing, performing costumes, professional clothing, special clothing, advanced customization, we can meet all your requirements; please pay attention and experience! Meanwhile, CWMALLS® Patented Product Series is also provided with Custom Made, Personal Tailor services, and appreciated and interacted synchronously via Google, Bing, FacebookTwitterInstagram,YouTube, Pinterest , LinkedInVK   and other sharing platforms; welcome worldwide web celebrities, fashion icons, opinion leaders, columnists and other friends, partners to comprehend and cooperate actively! Thank you! In 2020 CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex will bring you more surprises and values!

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    The balance between the great “theory of definite number” and “theory of variable number” proposed by CWMALLS people will change the theoretical basis of evolution, relativity and game theory. In the Internet era, it can be achieved by using big data, cloud computing, AI and other modern tools and algorithms. Welcome to discuss and communicate! Thank you very much!

    CWMALLS people
    May 17, 2020

  2. CWMALLS says:

    Standard, sharing, ecological, valuable CWMALLS and technological, artistic, intelligent, patented CWMALLS COMMODITY jointly create a world networked stage of sharing, shopping and living for you! Welcome to participate it actively and there are endless surprises!

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