CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2018 Original Design, Hand-Made Series — “CWMALLS® Dress Shoes”

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2018 Original Design, Hand-Made Series — “CWMALLS® Dress Shoes” officially being sold both online and offline synchronously around the world; exquisite workmanship content, fashionable technology originality make up CWMALLS® Dress Shoes series which will be your best choice; the standard, perfect, personalized, comfortable original design inject distinctive soul into every pair of shoes; sharing innovation of detail, material, experience and service also make you feel the flavor of the world; handcraft is a masterpiece from harmony between the heaven and human, originality is the achievement of design sublimation; therefore, CWMALLS people, CWMALLS team, CWMALLS complex are willing to share everything with you any time any where! There will be surprises at any time!

CWMALLS® Dress Shoes” is the classic masterpiece of hand-made craftsmanship, and the perfect combination of technology and art; every detail and every process of it are filled with special flavor of hand-made craftsmanship; the new connotation of hand-made craftsmanship made up of plain and elegance makes every pair of CWMALLS® Dress Shoes look more charming and full of glamour (; pure natural, original ecological environmentally-friendly materials, style designs full of fashion sense make every pair of Dress Shoes have a touching legend; drop-by-drop feelings, caring of each stitching, stories of each cutting are all perfectly shown in ® Dress Shoes series; it is the spokesperson of success, and the new symbol of maturity; handcraft, quality and brand lay the foundation for every pair of new products with remarkable DNA — CWMALLS COMMODITY’s DNA; good reputation and perfect comment are the recognition and praise to our hand-made new products; therefore, CWMALLS team allies with CWMALLS Global Patent Review Committee, CWMALLS Global Networked Lab and CWMALLS Global Networked Factory to cherish every opportunity for innovation, grasp the quality of every process to create more Dress Shoes which are full of charm and taste for fashion icons, celebrities, politicians, artists and many other elites and successful people all over the world; making your steps brilliant and always wonderful are all in CWMALLS® Dress Shoes series! Welcome everyone to appreciate and share actively!

Note: Warmly celebrate the coming of All Saints’ Day, CWMALLS three world operating centers (CWMALLS North American Operating Center, CWMALLS European Operating Center, CWMALLS Asia Pacific Operating Center) congratulate and sincerely wish worldwide old and new clients, customers to be happy, healthy and safe; meanwhile, CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY officially provide global free shipping, global off-site delivery, global 48 to 72-hour delivery, no-reason return or exchange, and other featured VIP services to “CWMALLS® Dress Shoes”, welcome everyone to appreciate and experience actively! Thank you! In 2018 innovation comes first, in 2018 we cooperate and share, in 2018 we transform perfectly! (In 2020, we will see you in Nasdaq.)

“Cutting-edge School” “Innovative School” “Powerful School” — CWMALLS, SVE NEWS, MWE FUND
“CWMALLS® Dress Shoes” — the perfect coalition of original design and handcraft!






November 1, 2018

Tips: According to the prediction of CWMALLS Weather, 2018 winter of Northern Hemisphere (especially in European region and North American region) will be much colder than previous years, hope everyone (especially the middle-aged and elderly people with diseases like cardiovascular disease, arthritis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, etc., and friends who live in cold areas, high altitude areas and extremely cold areas) to prepare for keeping out the cold! Scientific and reasonable prevention makes life become easier and more wonderful! Thanks! —— CWMALLS® Patented Multifunctional Jacket & Coat

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