SVE NEWS & CNBC Sharing Series – Trump extends social distancing guidelines through April 30 to keep US coronavirus death toll below 100,000

President Donald Trump on Sunday extended the national social distancing guidelines to April 30 in effort to keep the projected coronavirus death toll in the U.S. from reaching a catastrophic, worst-case scenario. Trump’s announcement walked back his previous remarks that he wanted


SVE NEWS & Fox News Sharing Series – Trump says coronavirus quarantine on New York, New Jersey, Connecticut not necessary, CDC issues 14-day ‘travel advisory’

President Trump on Saturday night said the administration would not be issuing a quarantine on New York, parts of New Jersey and some of Connecticut as part of the efforts to curb the spread of the coronavirus. “A quarantine will not be necessary,” he tweeted, noting


SVE NEWS & CNBC Sharing Series – Trump faces crucial test at the G-20 meeting as world leaders meet to battle coronavirus

U.S. President Donald Trump faces a critical test to assert America’s leadership in the global fight against the coronavirus at the emergency Group of 20 meeting on Thursday. As the White House scrambles to shore up support for its coronavirus strategy at home amid