SVE NEWS & CNBC Sharing Series – Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft close at all-time highs as Big Tech rallies back from coronavirus

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft closed at new all-time highs Tuesday, a day when the Nasdaq Composite Index hit a new record. Big Tech stocks have fared better than most during the coronavirus pandemic as newly remote workers have had come to rely more than ever on


SVE NEWS & CNBC Sharing Series – Microsoft says two employees have been diagnosed with coronavirus

Two Microsoft employees in Washington state have contracted the coronavirus. They are among the more than 95,000 COVID-19 cases around the globe, according to the World Health Organization. Both employees are located in Puget Sound, the area that includes Microsoft’s Redmond headquarters, a Microsoft


SVE NEWS & CNBC Sharing Series – Apple, Microsoft, Google look to move production away from China. That’s not going to be easy

With the U.S.-China trade war last year and the outbreak of the new coronavirus, American technology firms Apple, Microsoft and Google have reportedly looked to move more production of their hardware products out of the world’s second-largest economy. But reducing reliance on China won’t be easy. “China