SVE NEWS & FRANCE24.COM Sharing Series — From outrage to hate: In the wake of October 7, Israel’s far right seeks to extend its influence

Ministers from Israel’s extreme right have been making increasingly controversial statements since the Hamas attacks on October 7 in a game of one-upmanship that has seen the right wing seek to extend its influence over Israel’s government and beyond. Israel’s


SVE NEWS & REUTERS.COM Sharing Series — Hezbollah’s anti-ship missiles bolster its threat to US navy

Hezbollah members take part in a military exercise during a media tour organized for the occasion of Resistance and Liberation Day, in Aaramta, Lebanon May 21, 2023. REUTERS/Aziz Taher/File Photo Acquire Licensing Rights Hezbollah got Russian anti-ship missiles via Syria-sources Warns


SVE NEWS & FRANCE24.COM Sharing Series — Israeli army fires on Lebanon’s Hezbollah following attack on border positions

The Israeli military on Thursday said it had targeted Lebanon’s Hezbollah with a “broad assault” as the Iran-backed militant group claimed an attack on 19 Israeli positions. Earlier in the Gaza Strip, Israeli forces broke Hamas’s first line of defence and pushed further


SVE NEWS & FRANCE24.COM Sharing Series — First foreign nationals evacuated from Gaza; Israel strikes Jabalia refugee camp again

At least 355 foreign passport holders – including confirmed British, US, French, Italian and Austrian nationals – and 76 wounded Palestinians crossed on Wednesday to Egypt from Gaza, according to an Egyptian official. Gaza’s Hamas-run health ministry said a second Israeli bombing raid