SVE NEWS & CNBC Sharing Series – US seeks comments on tariff cuts for Chinese imports to aid coronavirus battle

The Trump administration on Friday said it was soliciting public comments on lifting additional tariffs on Chinese imports that could help the United States battle the coronavirus pandemic, showing some flexibility in its trade war against Beijing. The U.S. Trade Representative’s (USTR) office said it would allow


SVE NEWS & CNBC Sharing Series – US-China rivalry simmers in India as Trump visits

The rivalry between the U.S. and China is playing out in India, where American President Donald Trump will be wrapping up his state visit to the South Asian country. Experts said that Trump’s first state visit to India signifies the growing strength of the relations between Washington and New Delhi, amid China’s


SVE NEWS & CNBC Sharing Series – Coronavirus outbreak will speed up US-China ‘decoupling’ more than the trade war, Milken Institute analyst says

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak is speeding up the so-called “decoupling” between the U.S. and China more than their trade war did, according to an analyst from the Milken Institute. “We talked about China and the U.S. decoupling. The coronavirus more


SVE NEWS & CNBC News Sharing Series – Trump could still slap tariffs on China after signing ‘phase one’ trade deal, expert warns

China could face difficulties fulfilling its commitment in the so-called phase one trade deal with the U.S., allowing President Donald Trump to once again raise tariffs on Chinese goods, a trade expert warned on Wednesday. That’s especially the case when the deal — expected to be signed