SVE NEWS & CNBC Sharing Series – U.S. and China’s next economic battle will be over climate change, experts say

Having long been at loggerheads over trade, technology and capital markets, the world’s foremost economic superpowers are turning their attention to climate change as the next path to commercial supremacy. China outspent the U.S. by nearly 2-to-1 on energy transition-related investment between 2010 and 2020, according


SVE NEWS & CNBC Sharing Series – Biden administration will hold its first high-level meeting with Chinese officials in Alaska next week

WASHINGTON – For the first time since President Joe Biden took office, senior U.S. officials will hold high-level, in-person talks with Chinese representatives next week in Alaska. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and national security advisor Jake Sullivan will meet in Anchorage,


SVE NEWS & CNBC Sharing Series – China sanctions Pompeo, O’Brien, Azar and other Trump administration officials after Biden inauguration

WASHINGTON – The Chinese government on Wednesday slapped sanctions on former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, former national security advisor Robert O’Brien and former trade advisor Peter Navarro, along with other members of the Trump administration. The move came after Joe


SVE NEWS & CNBC Sharing Series – Trump administration bolsters order barring U.S. investment in Chinese firms

The Trump administration on Monday strengthened an executive order barring U.S. investors from buying securities of alleged Chinese military-controlled companies, following disagreement among U.S. agencies about how tough to make the directive. The Treasury Department published guidance clarifying the executive