SVE NEWS & REUTERS.COM Sharing Series — Iran Live: President Ebrahim Raisi dead in helicopter crash, elections after 50 days


Ebrahim Raisi had been viewed as a possible successor to Supreme Leader Khamenei

5 minutes ago

16:47 CST

Gulf markets subdued

17 minutes ago

16:35 CST

Iran names acting foreign minister

29 minutes ago

16:23 CST

Khamenei has declared 5 days of mourning

31 minutes ago

16:20 CST

More reaction to Raisi’s death

41 minutes ago

16:10 CST

‘Extraordinary meeting’

an hour ago

15:57 CST

Khamenei condolences

an hour ago

15:53 CST

More about the crash

an hour ago

15:35 CST

Oil prices have climbed on Monday morning

an hour ago

15:27 CST

Who is Mohammad Mokhber?

2 hours ago

15:13 CST

Israel was not involved in Raisi’s death, an Israeli official told Reuters

2 hours ago

15:07 CST

What happens in Iran when a president dies in office?

2 hours ago

14:53 CST

What is the Bell 212 helicopter

2 hours ago

14:35 CST

The Russian Embassy’s reaction

2 hours ago

14:34 CST

European Council President Charles Michel’s reaction

2 hours ago

14:24 CST

Regional reactions

3 hours ago

14:06 CST

Overnight, Iranians prayed for their president

3 hours ago

13:58 CST

Who was President Ebrahim Raisi?

3 hours ago

13:46 CST

The helicopter was found in a remote area

3 hours ago

13:32 CST

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