SVE NEWS & MARS Sharing Series — “Two Points And One Line Plan” I‘m coming! M 1073 & E 2021


The great era is beginning to be implemented!

Since then, mankind has opened a new mode of work and life of “two points and one line”! CWMALLS PEOPLE is waiting for you at MARS!


NASA ESA CWS Three Musketeers in Outer Space – Alliance, unification, sharing



November 5, 2021

Congratulation on the establishment of the CWS (Mars) Exploration Committee!

Tips: In order to explore more planet species diversity and ecosystem of Mars and earth’s biosphere of cohesion, from now on in the chosen experts and scholars of Mars and planets, especially the astrophysicist, astrobiologists, astrochemists, and so on all over the world’s elite, contribute to the existence and development of simulation of Mars landing. Thank you very much! CWS (Mars) Asia-Pacific Preparatory Committee 0086-57189877088/89877099 E-mail: October 3, 2021 M1073 E2021