CWMALLS, SVE NEWS, MWE FUND 2021 Scientific Prevention, Natural Sharing Series —Congratulations on the establishment of CWS Space Exploration (Mars) Simulation Experimental Base preparation office

This is the first project in CWS Asia Pacific region, and also a demonstration project in Europe and North America. The first phase of the project in CWS Asia Pacific region is planned to invest 2 billion US dollars, mainly in desert complex. Challenges and opportunities coexist, making a Chinese intellectual contribution to the development and landing of human beings in outer space. Keep on, keep on, keep your dreams coming true. The mian! Chang Siyuan October 25, 2021 M1073 E2021

Tips: at present, we do not accept non-professionals’ visit, visit, study, exchange and other activities, please understand! Thank you very much! Chang Siyuan October 26, 2021 (Earth Day)



October 30, 2021

2021 CWMALLS: Standard, Sharing,Ecology, Value;
2021 CWMALLS COMMODITY: Patent, Technology, Art, Intelligence;
2021 CWMALLS NEW SPECIES: Keen, Aggressive, Personality, Value;
2021 MWE FUND: Charity, Public Welfare, Responsibility;

Tips: In order to explore more planet species diversity and ecosystem of Mars and earth’s biosphere of cohesion, from now on in the chosen experts and scholars of Mars and planets, especially the astrophysicist, astrobiologists, astrochemists, and so on all over the world’s elite, contribute to the existence and development of simulation of Mars landing. Thank you very much! CWS (Mars) Asia-Pacific Preparatory Committee 0086-57189877088/89877099 E-mail: October 3, 2021 M1073 E2021

Recently, I was on my way to work when I suddenly noticed that the sun is 3°~5° closer to the Tropic of Cancer. Is the sun’s orbit changed or the Earth’s axis shifted or the earth’s orbit changed? Or something else?

This noon (October 29, 2021) when I looked up at the dome (reference), I suddenly found that the sun had come back some time ago, which deeply aroused my curiosity, is the axis of the Earth changed again? Or some other human cause? My own suspicions, but still have to believe in science! I’m not an astrophysicist, after all. It is a bit far-fetched to analyze nature on the basis of mathematics, physics, chemistry and biology, but perhaps everything is possible! Variables and numbers and variables have made the natural ecological cycle, so we should be good at observing and questioning. The confusion!