SVE NEWS & Daily Express Sharing Series – Putin calls for Russia unity with veiled swipe at West ‘Never had & will never have help’

VLADIMIR Putin has called on Russians to join forces and work together to help their country develop and change for the better, adding “we have never had and will never have any assistants” in thinly veiled swipe at the West over isolating Moscow.

Russian President Vladimir Putin addresses the nation on New Year’s Eve (Image: GETTY)

The Russian President used his annual New Year’s address to emphasise the importance of supporting those in need of help but warned Russians “have never had and will never have any assistants”. Mr Putin address was recorded several days ago and broadcast just before before midnight in Kamchatka, in the Russian Far East which is the first region of the country to see the New Year.

He said: “We are looking forward to the beginning of New Year’s Day with excitement and hope, we see enthusiastic eyes of the little ones, feel how parents and grandparents are glad if the whole family is together at this moment and their hearts are warmed with sensitivity and attention and we understand that this is New Year’s magic and our spiritual generosity creates it.

“It is in demand both on holidays and on weekdays, when we support those who need help, those who are lonely or sick, because there’s really no other people’s trouble, and mercy always returns with kindness and gives joy of sharing.”

Mr Putin noted that on New Year’s Eve everyone usually makes wishes that “the relatives are healthy, that consent reigns in the house, children bring joy, life is peaceful and dreams, even the most cherished ones, surely come true” and also hopes for good luck.

Vladimir Putin called for Russians to work together (Image: GETTY)

But he said: “Nevertheless, we know for sure that the best for ourselves, for our family and native country can be only achieved through our own efforts and joint co-ordinated work.

“We have to solve many pressing tasks in economy, science and technology, healthcare, education and culture, and most importantly, step by step we will strive to improve the well-being and quality of life so that all citizens of Russia and all of us feel changes for the better in the coming year.

“We can do this only together. We have never had and will never have any assistants, and that’s why it’s important for us to be a united, single and strong team.

“And let friendship and good hopes that unite everyone now accompany us in the future and help in work and achieving common goals.”

Vladimir Putin said Russia had never had ‘assistants’ (Image: GETTY)

The president congratulated Russians on New Year’s Day and called to wish happiness to those, who are near and “open their hearts towards each other.”

He said: ”That’s because when millions of people have such bright feelings, the world is filled with love and trust.”



Sources from: Daily Express

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