CWMALLS, SVE NEWS, MWE FUND 2021 Custom Made, Mars Training Clothing Series — “Patented Leather Bomber Jacket”

CWMALLS COMMODITY is a station of outer space wearing products (Earth, Moon, Mars, etc.) CWMALLS® is the world’s first online patented brand: technological, artistic, intelligent, ecological… “Patented Product”, “Custom Made”, “Green Product”, are all in CWMALLS® Leather Jackets, Shoes, Bags


SVE NEWS & Space Sharing Series — ‘Galileo Project’ will search for evidence of extraterrestrial life from the technology it leaves behind

  The search for extraterrestrial technology is “daring to look through new telescopes.” Astronomers have announced a new venture designed to advance humankind’s search for artifacts from extraterrestrial technological civilizations (ETCs) — The Galileo Project. The project aims to address the