SVE NEWS & MARS Sharing Series — “Two Points And One Line Plan” I‘m coming! M 1073 & E 2021



The great era is beginning to be implemented!

Since then, mankind has opened a new mode of work and life of “two points and one line”! CWMALLS PEOPLE is waiting for you at MARS!


NASA ESA CWS Three Musketeers in Outer Space – Alliance, unification, sharing



June 21, 2021

Tips: Congratulations to the CWMALLS series of patented products being tested for outer space and outer planets. This will be the first physical test for mankind to enter space and outer planets! It is very meaningful! The key step taken by CWMALLS people all over the world to realize the earth, space, and alien life of mankind is worth commemorating! And from now on, CWMALLS (MWE FUND) will provide 100 million US dollars in rewards for individuals or organizations in the fields of “space exploration, bioengineering, humanities and technology” to carry out self-help or assistance activities. Please pay your attention! Contact information or 86-571-89877088.