SVE NEWS Character Interview Series — “Health Protection for Extreme Weather”

SVE NEWS Reporter, Carol had an interview with Lydia, Director of Global New Business of CWMALLS, and May, CEO Assistant of CWMALLS, about health protection for extreme weather.
Global warming is a serious issue. People complained about the hot weather a lot. Here, Lydia had a brief analysis of this year’s weather. Although it’s abnormally hot in some countries and regions in the northern hemisphere especially in North America and Europe now, it’s hard to predict whether this winter will be colder or warmer. Maybe the little ice age will come this winter. As our target customers are the middle-aged and elderly people, and businessmen who go on business trips around the world, we have launched related products for precaution.
May introduced some new products to us. The “Multifunctional 2 in 1 Shearling Coats&Jackets”, “Multifunctional 2 in 1 Leather Car Coat” have many unique functions and characteristics. May also shows one in the video to us. It’s constant temperature, constant humidity, explosion-proof, ultraviolet-proof, light and soft, health protection, breathable and so on, meanwhile, it can even promote blood circulation, reduce pain of arthritis and periarthritis humeroscapularis, etc. Also she mentioned some featured services like custom made service, personal tailor service, global free shipping, global off-site delivery, 48-hour delivery service, no-reason return or exchange service, lifelong free maintenance, etc.
Weather is changeable and unpredictable. Scientific and reasonable precautions bring you a high quality life. Hope everyone can pay more attention to the weather!
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By Carol (SVENEWS Special Correspondent)


10 August 2018